The world sends its best. They compete against each other: Sporty, fair and with a love for the environment. This is the presentation of our limited special SIAC "Edition 2024".

As in orienteering, the best of the best come together and compete against each other. Each is a champion in his or her field with exceptional strengths and skills. Each represents a part of the world. Since the world consists of seven continents, seven animals compete with each other. They are represented on the new mint green recycled SIAC. Our designers have done a excellent job. Which one is your champion? Or are you a supporter of more then one?

SIAC’s contactless timing enables to register time in a proximity range of up to 3 meters. The speed can be up to 80km/h to let SIAC finish the identification cycle in only 60 ms, which lets you enjoy the race without a need to stop.

SIAC adapts to your needs and preferences, as it has a wide range of applications (running, mountain biking, orienteering races etc.) Be sure that it won’t stop operating in the middle of the race, as SIAC is energy-efficient and will work for years with one battery. Whether you are an athlete or an event organizer — SIAC is an amazing solution because it does half of the job for you.

  • SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC) can be used in two different identification modes:

    • Direct punching: registers a direct punch in less than the tenth of a second (works even if the battery is empty)

    • Contactless punching: register the time and code number of an AIR+ compatible SPORTident Station

  • SIAC completes the identification cycle in 60 ms and registers up to 128 intermediate-time records

  • The optical and acoustical feedback signal, emitted by the SIAC, indicates the successful timekeeping and registration

  • Intermediate and finish times are recorded in a proximity range of several meters when passing the checkpoint with a maximum speed of 80 km/h

  • A built-in short-range radio enables the transmission of time records for the online data presentation

  • SIAC is energy-efficient and the card will work for several years before a battery change

  • SIAC is fully encapsulated and waterproofed

  • SIAC can be customized according to your preferences (you can choose a color and an SIAC number)

  • Data exchange time

    • 60 ms direct punching

    • 50ms contactless punching

  • Intermediate time records – 128

  • Operating temperature range -20°C …​ +50°C

  • Battery life time – Up to 4 years

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